Redefining Masculinity

  1. Carter, Michael. “How to Be a Man: Redefining Masculinity.” The Huffington Post., 2 June 2014. Web. 12 Mar. 2015.
  2. Carter discusses how females are up and coming as they are slowly breaking the boundaries of the old notion of a male dominated world. He gives an example of a male student pursuing a nursing degree. This doesn’t sound right to us at first, as it would make much more sense for him to become a doctor. Carter argues that this is the problem with our society as we get too caught up in the distinctions between male and female.  He goes onto address the gay community and the distinctions made there as well. He tackles the whole notion of homosexualism and how we must work on making this seem more normal in our society due to its overwhelming presence,
  3. This relates to my issue of masculinity as it talks of the idea of how society as a whole views what males roles are.
  4. I believe the target audience here is very broad as this message is meant to be heard by many people. In specific I think it is intended to target those who are ignorant of the issues of homosexuality and gender bias in our nation.
  5. This can contribute to my paper in reference to the notion of how we view distinctions between male and female roles. This can help me to explain the problem with how masculinity is perceived in our society as a certain set of aspects and if it is outside of those we are looked down upon for not conforming.


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