NPR on Masculinity in the Media

  1. Mondello, Bob. “Who’s The Man? Hollywood Heroes Defined Masculinity For Millions.” NPR. NPR, 30 July 2014. Web. 12 Mar. 2015.
  2. Mondello tackles the idea of what we learn from the media, specifically movies. He discusses how the variety of cultures that came to america “learned” about american ways through films.  He goes on to discuss the evolution of movies and how it changes over the years to shape the citizens of our nation. The notion of masculinity changed with this as people yearned for characters to look up to. This led to famous representations of what it is like to be the epitome of manliness i.e. James Bond, John Wayne, ect. Cinematographers even went above and beyond this to draw people on by making unimaginable manliness in super heroes such as super man, spider man, iron man, ect.
  3. This article addresses the issue of masculinity that I am going to be talking about. It shows it in the form of stereotypes in this case formed by the media in the form of movies in America. This stereotype of american masculinity can compare to that of the stereotype of Dominican masculinity.
  4. This is directed at a broad audience of Americans most likely males, who grew up on this notion of masculinity as defined by movies.
  5. I see this contributing to my paper as I had stated above where it will help me compare the stereotype of american masculinity can compare to that of the stereotype of Dominican masculinity. The sources where these come from will be interesting to look at as well. This discusses media in particular and I know from earlier research that Dominican masculinity is also formed by media. Comparing these types of media will be a contributing factor to my paper.

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