Junot Diaz’s 2012 Facing Race Conference Speech

  1. Ortiz, Maegan. “Junot Diaz and the Cult of Revolutionary Machoism.” Politic 365. N.p., 24 Nov. 2012. Web. 6 Mar. 2015.
  2. Ortiz summarizes a speech Diaz gave at  the Applied Research Center’s 2012 Facing Race Conference. Diaz was very down to earth admitting to being nervous and took questions about his recent novels from the crowd. He discussed his relation with the character of Yunior that appears in the books. He also goes deeper to talk about the issues of race and masculinity that are at the heart of his books. He calls for the men in the audience specifically to rehumanize women, especially those of color. This draws to the fact od Diaz being sympathetic toward women, especially after all he had seen growing up in the Dominican culture.
  3. This relates directly to the text as it is the author of the novel, Junot Diaz, explicitly referencing his book. He talks directly of the characters in it and the issues he tries to convey through them such as the idea of masculinity, which is essential to my argument in my paper.
  4. This piece is directed towards fans of Junot Diaz and more so those concerned about the issues involving race in our country and even our world.
  5. I see this contributing to my work as it adds great insight toward Diaz’s intention with the characters in his book. It helps to explore the idea of masculinity he sees and why it is a problem, which will help me greatly with how I explore how it also acts as a problem in society. “This means that his characters, specifically one named Yunior, wants to be el más macho and do it by chasing and hurting many women, mostly through infidelity.”



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