Junot Diaz Interview

  1. Jay, Paul. “Junot Diaz Redefines Macho.” In These Times. N.p., 14 Apr. 2008. Web. 6 Mar. 2015.
  2. This piece covers an interview with Junot Diaz shortly his novel The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao came out. The author gives a short cultural background on Diaz as well as what he does today. He asks why he thinks his novel got so popular as well as what he believes his writing style is. Paul then asks Diaz about his use of the idea of masculinity in the novel, especially in regard to political figures such as Trujillo and if this usage was on purpose. Diaz confirms this as he goes into how he was infatuated with the idea of masculinity both in regard to Trujillo in the Dominican republic, but also in regard to a type of new world masculinity found in the U.S. They continue on to talk about how Yunior came to understand masculinity as well as how Oscar finds intimacy at the end of the novel.  They end the interview discussing the relationship between this intimacy and masculinity.
  3. This article relates directly to my issue as it pertains to the idea of masculinity that is essential to my argument. also it directly relates to the novel itself as it is an interview with its author discussing the book.
  4. This piece is directed to those who read the book and are looking for a deeper understanding of it.
  5. I see this contributing to my work as it gives direct reasoning from the author himself on the ideas of masculinity in the book. This will help me to understand this better when I go to argue how it effects Oscar in the book. Diaz’s reasoning for using this masculinity can help my argument greatly as I can incorporate the idea that it was alluding to the idea of “new world” masculinity as Diaz describes it.



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