Gender Roles in the Dominican Culture

  1. Caamano, Ana Chavier. “Gender Roles in the Dominican Republic – Moon Travel Guides.” Moon Travel Guides. N.p., 03 Jan. 2010. Web. 6 Mar. 2015.
  2. Caamano discusses the idea of “Latino machoism” in this article as a form of exaggerated masculinity in this culture. This “machoism” is seen in various ways in the men of the Dominican Republic. One of the main ways is how they act as womanizers, flaunting themselves to the Dominican women. This nature has lead to the belittlement of women according to Caamano as the gap of equality has led to them struggling to obtain the privileges of a man. Caamano goes onto to discuss how this is improving over time as women are progressively working their way into the independent world of the man.
  3. This relates to my issue of masculinity in Dominican culture as Caamano goes onto to discuss it’s negative implications on the Dominican women.
  4. I believe this piece is directed toward other women, specifically other Dominican women to show how progress is being made in the issue of inequality in regard to gender. I believe this is also directed toward Dominican men to help them understand the implications of their “Latino machoism” attitude.
  5. I see this as contributing to my work as it shows another negative side of this exaggerated masculinity found in the Dominican culture. It doesn’t necessarily help in my argument in regard to Oscar, but it can show how the women in the novel are dehumanized bu these actions (a topic I am not covering, but could touch on as it relates to Dominican masculinity).


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