A Depiction of White Manhood vs. Black Manhood

  1. N.A. “Masculinity: A Depiction of White Manhood vs. Black Manhood.” University of Pittsburgh: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Study Program. N.p., 7 Nov. 2011. Web. 6 Mar. 2015.
  2. This author talks about how masculinity is portrayed in different races. In the white race it as seen as very violent through the media. This violence is a portrayal of a man’s strength is is exemplified in sports such as wrestling, where one can show off their manliness. The author then goes on to discuss the idea of “passing”. This idea of hiding who you truly are in order to be accepted brings up an interesting problem. Those who are black and pass as more of whites due to to the way the dress and their intellectual skills are still stuck under the stereotype of a black person due to the color of their skin, which cannot be “passed”. This means if a black man wants to be manly like a white man he may send the wrong message, therefore he must be manly in other ways due to the limitations society has put upon him.
  3. This relates to my paper in that it discusses the idea of masculinity that is essential to my argument. It also talks bout the idea of race, which was an issue seen throughout the novel as the character’s skin color determines how they were perceived.
  4. I think this piece was aimed at an African American audience, in order to incite pity. It is also aimed at an overall white audience to show how blacks cannot act manly in the same manner they do.
  5. This source isn’t going to contribute as much to my paper as I originally thought, but it can stills serve to show how manly stereotype is formed by the media such as store ads like the Abercrombie one they used as an example. The distinction between the view of masculinity in the black culture versus the white culture was not expanded on as much as I would have wished in order to talk about it in my paper.



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