Sources of Carribbean Masculinities

  1. Bucknor, Michael A. “Dangerous Crossings: Caribbean Masculinities And The Politics Of Challenging Gendered Borderlines.” Journal Of West Indian Literature21.1/2 (2012): 1. Caribbean Search. Web. 11 Mar. 2015.
  2. In this piece Bucknor talks about sources of masculinity in Caribbean culture. He had done some research on the topic and opened it up for suggestions on what people thought the sources of this masculinity was. He concluded with a few of the major ones he saw fit. The first of these was the upbringing by fathers who try to mold their sons to be tough by physical violent disciplining. This instills in the boys from a young age to associate violence with the masculinity they perceived in their fathers. The second source Bucknor talks about is relationship with homosexuality and rape. He discusses how the rape of young Jamaican boys by other older men is not brought up by the boys for fear of looking homosexual. This fear of homosexuality in order to be masculine allows for immoral actions such as this to continue to occur. The last source of masculinity that Bucknor discusses is the media. He discusses various sources of masculinity found in the media and how they affect what people see as the “masculine” stereotype.
  3. This piece relates to my argument as I can discuss how this idea of masculinity is amplified in Dominican culture and how this comes to be. The interesting part about this piece is I can directly relate  it to Oscar as one of the main points is how the main source of masculinity for most boys in the Caribbean culture is a father figure, something Oscar lacks. This may be a reason why Oscar is not so masculine as he is not tough and looked down upon by others by not living up to this masculine stereotype.
  4. This piece is directed toward those who are specifically studying masculinity in any section of Caribbean culture as Bucknor directly opens it up to opinions from them in the beginning of this piece. I also think he is appealing to people belonging to the Caribbean culture itself as well as it may help them to understand why and how masculinity is worked up to be such a big deal in their lives.
  5. As said above I see it relating directly to Oscar and giving reason to why he acts the way he does. It shows why he may lack the masculinity that his culture holds in such a high regard.


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